International administrative assistance, office work and foreign correspondence
Translation and linguistic consultations
Mother tongue staff
Highly qualified and mother tongue interpreters
Legal English

International administrative assistance

and foreign correspondence

Translations and

linguistic consultations

Highly qualified and

mother tongue interpreters

Legal English

Legal English


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Highly qualified and mother tongue interpreters

Linguistic Consultations

Translations and linguistic consultations

International administrative assistance

International administrative assistance and foreign correspondence

Who are we

Vife operates in all areas of linguistic consultation, providing the best services available to all companies and professional people who wish to expand their business overseas but do not have the necessary resources. The current economic climate has led most companies and professionals to seek overseas expansion. Unfortunately, this is not always possible or easy due to a lack of qualified multilingual staff, making such expansion feasible. By the same token, many people in a private capacity require some form of linguistic assistance for contacts with foreign entities. Today, more than ever, the need for an international profile has become not an option but a necessity for most commercial ventures, both for Italian companies wishing to broaden their horizons but likewise, for foreign companies who wish to venture into the Italian markets. It is therefore essential to be able to count on highly qualified and experienced professionals who are able to help resolve your language skill difficulties and enable you to communicate with foreign companies and entities, in all major languages. Likewise, we understand and are available to assist private individuals who need to communicate either verbally or in writing in a foreign language.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul” (Charlemagne)

We organise single and group language courses with mother tongue teachers.

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” (James Humes)


We offer extremely high level work in commercial, technical and literary areas. We are specialised in legal language consultation. We provide personalised assistance for every possible requirement pertinent to overseas communication.

We believe that efficient, multilingual administrative assistance is imperative in differentiating the cutting edge companies who are able to work in the increasingly global market. Companies can reap economic benefit on their fixed human resource costs by taking advantage of our provision of temporary staff and contacts. Highly qualified language consultants are available to work on your premises and under your direction, providing essential support in the required language for meetings with foreign clients, telephone conversations in a second language or simple day-to-day office work that necessitates the use of a foreign language specialist. If necessary, we are also able to provide a temporary office space, a business meeting place, fully furnished and equipped with all office requirements, including audio-video conferencing facilities. Our staff are all mother tongue specialists.

We are ready to become your temporary or permanent point of departure for all foreign affairs and export necessities and our contact details can become your contact details in Italy.

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Expo 2015

Volete presentarvi all’Expo con traduzioni professionali? Chiamaci e ti garantiamo traduzioni e consulenze linguistiche per presentare al meglio la tua azienda o i tuoi prodotti. Sei un azienda estera e vuoi presentarti all’Expo con traduzioni in Italiano corretto? Anche per questo siamo la soluzione giusta per voi!



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